Our Community

The City of Diboll is nestled in the beautiful Pineywoods of East Texas. Founded in 1894 by Virginia native Thomas Lewis Latane Temple as the home of the Southern Pine Lumber Company, Diboll has always served the forest industry.

Today, Diboll is home to six types of industry as well as an award winning public library, the 18-hole Neches Pines Golf Course, the 5,400 square foot Lottie & Arthur Temple Civic Center, numerous food establishments and small businesses, and the Diboll Independent School District. The History Center is home to over 11,500 square feet of historical materials and more than 250,000 photographs that document the rich history of East Texas as well as the forestry and railroad industries that call this region home, and the 66 acre Old Orchard Park is the perfect place for a picnic or a family reunion.

Community Outreach Programs

Diboll Youth Committee

The Diboll Youth Committee was formed in 2013 with the mission of engaging the youth of Diboll more fully with their community, harnessing their great ideas and energy, and molding the next generation of civic leaders. Follow us on Facebook for more information and to keep up with our many exciting events!

Alliance forEducational and Cultural Enrichment in Diboll

The Alliance for Educational and Cultural Enrichment in Diboll, or A.E.C.E.D. program, was founded in 1992 by Neita Fran Ward, Helen Cheshire, and Kathy Sample, with Ward and librarian Brenda Russell acting as co-coordinators. The program exists to provide experiences for the students and citizens of Diboll that fill cultural and artistic gaps left by school funding issues and the geographic challenges of living in a rural community. The program regularly provides free cultural performances and speakers for the children of the Diboll Independent School District and the City of Diboll.